Sewer Connection for your Home

If you have a new home it needs to be connected to the main sewers. Some principles and responsibilities are outlined below in these questions and answers.

Q. How do I connect to the sewer system?
Answer: A homeowner who would like to connect to sewer should contact the local authority to see if a sewer is currently available to their address.

Q. What does it mean that a sewer is available?
Answer: A Sewer is always available to customers within urban areas but the cost to connect it to your property may not be feasible. The slope of the land determines the location and direction for sewer service to your property. In some cases, sewer may be present in front of your property but due to the slope of the land, it may not be able to service your plot. In such cases, an engineering review will determine the
final outcome for sewer service to your lot.

Q. What is a Certificate of Availability or other such document and how do I get one?
Answer: A certificate of Availability is a certificate issued by the local authority that states if sewer is available to the plot(s) and states what may need to be done if sewer is not fronting the parcel.

Q. What is the Cost of an Availability Certificate?
Answer: Availability costs vary based on what the property owner is trying to accomplish.
Please contact the local authority to discuss your development plans. Some availabilities
require an engineering review to determine the best sewer connection based on area, topography, depth of existing sewer system and development plans.

Q. A sewer mainline was just installed in front of the property, do I still have to pay to
Answer: Yes, only instead of a mainline contribution, you would pay a latecomers or special connection charge which should be lower.

Q. What if there is not a sewer line fronting my plot?
Answer: If a sewer line is not fronting your plot a mainline extension would be required to serve your plot. In cases where the mainline was not installed to the edge of a property you are either required to complete the installation or pay interim fees.

Q. What are interim fees?
Answer: This fee is established for use in the rare case where the local authority waives the main line installation requirement but collects a fair share of the future cost of sewer in the interim. Interim fees are fees in lieu of mainline fees, collected by the Authority so the Council has funds to build the sewer at a future date.

Q. Can we get a written estimate of sewer connection fees?
Answer: Yes, fees can be put in writing.

Tips to maintain the drains in a good condition.

Empty all meal remnants on cutlery in advance of washing.

Have a sink plunger in your diy equipment.

In case you have plastic bathroom pipes do not pour scorching water into them.

Baking soda and vinegar are a pretty good substitute for drainage chemical substances.

When you apply for a certificate of availability you will get a certificate stating the availability of sewer and the connection costs for each plot/development. If your property needs an engineering review to determine the sewer connection, a quote for sewer mainline design will be provided with a sketch of the recommended sewer route. All fees are subject to change without written notice.

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